Miss Patisserie

For many of us, showering and bathing is something we do to get clean (usually showering, because time is precious!). But there are few things in this world more relaxing (and maybe just a little self-indulgent) than some time alone in the bath.

Beyond the humble sit-and-soak, there are ways you can elevate your bath experience from relaxing to Zen-filled bliss, a private retreat in your own home. It’s all about taking a little extra time to set up, and the best part is you can do this in the time it takes for the water to fill!

Setting the mood with some strategically placed candles and the right music goes a long way to creating the ambiance of your private retreat, but what about the plain old bathwater? That’s where Miss Patisserie comes in.

Miss Patisserie’s range of vegan, cruelty-free bath bombs help your bath experience transcend into a new realm of decadence and relaxation. Your tub becomes host to a shimmering, myriad kaleidoscope of colours, entrancing you as they lap at your skin. The delicate, intoxicating fragrances delight your senses as you sink into a blissful state of calm and quietude.

But beyond all that, the properties of the bath bombs themselves do wonders for your skin! It’s effortless skincare - you simply relax and indulge in your peaceful private moment while the ingredients contained within do their work. Sodium-Bicarbonate and Citric Acid (the fizzy stuff) cleanse, deoderize and repair your skin, and the water becomes infused with emolliants and softeners, to leave your skin supple, velvety and new.

And despair not! Those of you who don’t have time or facilities to have a bath. You can get the same experience in the comfort of your shower with Miss Patisserie’s range of Aromatic Shower Steamers! They range from energizing to relaxing - so whether it’s a post-workout de-sweatifying shower or a quick spot of stress relief, Miss Patisserie has you covered.

Find the range here on our website, and take the time to have a well-deserved sensual underwater adventure!

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