FAQs - Vaping

All electronic cigarettes/vaping devices purchased from Cosmic come with a three month warranty. The warranty does not cover vape tanks or coils.

The warranty will not cover any defect caused by modification, tampering, or rough handling of the device. The warranty will not cover any defect which would not have occurred had the instructions for use been followed.

Damaged e-cig batteries are a potential hazard, and have been known to catch fire and/or explode. If you have dented, dropped or tampered with your e-cigarette, there is a risk. Drop in to your nearest Cosmic store to recycle it at our battery recycling station and you can receive 10% of the purchase of a new one. BE SAFE.

This will vary depending on how frequently you vape, the length of the draws you take and the power of your battery. Even with minimal use, coils are made with organic cotton and will degrade over time. Replace your coil or pod when you start to notice a change in the taste. The flavour will eventually begin to taste burnt, and you may also notice darkening of the cotton that will indicate it might be time for a change.