FAQs - Vaping

This will vary depending on how frequently you vape, the length of the draws you take and the power of your battery. Even with minimal use, coils are made with organic cotton and will degrade over time. Replace your coil or pod when you start to notice a change in the taste. The flavour will eventually begin to taste burnt, and you may also notice darkening of the cotton that will indicate it might be time for a change.

Like most other Li-ion batteries such as those found in cell phones, the longevity of a vape battery is directly linked to charging habits. It is very important that you charge your batteries only for as long as they need it, and remove them as soon as you can once charge is full. Overnight or extended charging is likely to reduce the overall life of your battery.

There are many things that can cause leaking and or spitting in your vape, from how you use it to what you put in it. Make sure you are taking light draws, the vape should do the work. Sucking hard will draw more liquid into the coil and it will begin to flood. Under-use will also cause flooding, as the coil is soaking up liquid even when it's not being used. A flooded coil can leak and sometimes spit when heated, so it's important to make sure you are using your vape correctly. Other causes of leaking include: misaligned coils, worn down seals and general wear and tear. Some moisture around the mouthpiece and airflow is normal and simply a result of vapour condensation from regular use. If you are having consistent problems with a traditional tank, a thicker liquid can often be the solution as thinner ones will flood the coil much faster. Try to store your tank upright and keep it clean, when used and kept correctly, these issues can easily be avoided.

Nicotine salts use a pH adjuster (benzoic acid) to provide a higher concentration of nicotine with a smoother taste. Nicotine salts are best used with small, low power pod devices. The advantage of using nicotine salts is that it provides vapers with better nicotine blood absorption and a milder throat hit when inhaled. This means you will feel more satisfied after a single puff and it will ensure a lower consumption of e-liquid overall. The higher nicotine mg makes it ideal for smokers making the switch.

Freebase liquid has a lower nicotine content and is most commonly used with tanks/mods that run at a higher power, but can also be used in most common pod devices when you are looking to lower your nicotine intake. Freebase flavours are often more complex and enjoyable than nicotine salts, so you can look forward to this aspect as you taper down your strength.

All electronic cigarettes/vaping devices purchased from Cosmic come with a three month warranty. The warranty does not cover vape tanks or coils.

The warranty will not cover any defect caused by modification, tampering, or rough handling of the device. The warranty will not cover any defect which would not have occurred had the instructions for use been followed.

Damaged e-cig batteries are a potential hazard, and have been known to catch fire and/or explode. If you have dented, dropped or tampered with your e-cigarette, there is a risk. Drop in to your nearest Cosmic store to recycle it at our battery recycling station and you can receive 10% of the purchase of a new one. BE SAFE.