Hemp Skincare

Skin. We all have it, we all need it. We at Cosmic don’t believe that good skincare means slathering a concoction of unpronounceable names all over your face, that’s why we love Hemp-based skincare products! Not only are they much better for you, but the brands we stock, such as Hey Bud, are far more friendly on the environment, which is a big win if you ask us.

When it comes to skincare, Hemp can’t be beat. Rich in Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, and oozing with “good acids”, Hemp is the perfect moisturizer. Better yet, it won’t clog pores and is kind on sensitive skin, so it can be used even on eczema. In fact, Hemp Seed Oil can help reduce inflammation, redness, acne and blemishes, and fight the signs of aging. It really is that wonderful!

And as far as the best of the best goes, it’s hard to look past the Hey Bud! brand. Hey Bud! offer a selection of effective and ethically sourced products, free from animal testing and by-products. From Clay Masks, to daily use moisturizer and face oil, and even a serum to help fight the signs of aging, Hey Bud! will have your skin looking and feeling it’s best. You can check out some of what they have to offer on our website:

Cosmic also stocks a range of natural Hemp products that work wonders on achy joints and muscles.

Uncle Bud’s and Miss Bud’s products provide natural pain relief without the potential side effects of more common pharmaceuticals. As we already mentioned, Hemp Seed Oil has great anti-inflammatory properties that penetrate deep into the skin to soothe afflicted areas. These products are used by athletes (Magic Johnson loves it), arthritis sufferers, and all sorts of everyday people afflicted with the aches and pains of our busy everyday lives.

Uncle & Miss Bud’s also provide their own range of skincare products, such as face masks (for your next 420 friendly sleepover!), under-eye oils, moisturizers and much more!

Our range of Bud’s Family goodies are on our website:

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