18650 3000mAh Battery

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Product Details

  • The Basics

    These batteries have a high capacity and high discharge current, and are chemically very stable. This means they are protective against short-circuiting. *Ships to NZ Only* We source top quality, brand new batteries and the LG HE2 is the perfect option for users of removable battery mods. There are tons of fake and preused/rewrapped LGs on the market, but when you purchase our 18650s you can be confident that you are the first person to use it. The 3000mAh LG HG2 18650 battery offers a slightly longer life than the 2500mAh HE2 battery. Store in a battery sleeve when not in use. NEVER have loose batteries uncovered, because if they come into contact with other metal objects (e.g. coins, keys) they can short-circuit and cause a fire. Keep in a cool, dark place.

  • Features

    • Flat Top 
    • Nominal capacity: 3000 mah
    • Max Continuous Rated Discharge: 25 amps (at 25 degrees C)
    • Nominal voltage: 3.6v
    • After a fresh charge: 4.2v
    • Cycle info: Capacity drops to 60% after 250 full charge/discharge Cycles
    • Don't discharge below: 2.5v
    • Standard Charge: CC/CV @ 1 amp / 4.20 volts +/- .05v, 100 mA cut-off
    • (Max) Rapid Charge: CC/CV @ 4amps / 4.20 volts +/- .05v, 100 mA cut-off
    • Impedance: 22.15 +/- 2 milliohms
    • Weight: 45g
    • Height: 64.85 +/- 0.15mm
    • Diameter: 18.33 +/- 0.07mm
    • Operational Charging Temperature Range: 0 to 50 degrees C (best below 45 degrees C)
    • Operational Discharging Temperature Range: -20 to +75 degrees C (best below 60 degrees C)
    • You can store them for 1.5 years at -30 to + 25 degrees C, 3 months at 30 to 45 C and 1 month at 30 to 60 C (in other words, store them in a cool place and they'll last longer)

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