Quick Carbo 32oz with Eliminex Plus

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  • The Basics

    An effective masking agent designed for heavy users. Fast-acting. This product starts being effective an hour after consuming and is effective for up to 4 hours onward. Suited for heavy users/individuals with BMI over 28. QCarbo 32oz is designed for people with high toxin levels and/or a high body fat percentage.

  • Directions

    • Start on an empty stomach.
    • Shake the bottle and drink at a comfortable pace. Aim to finish the bottle within 20-25 minutes.
    • Drink 500mL of water, or 800mL if you are over 85kg and/or have high toxin levels. If you experience nausea, we recommend having a dry piece of toast or several crackers, but no more than that.
    • The product will start being effective after 3 normal-sized urinations. If you have difficulty urinating, increase water intake by 500mL per hour.


    Results are temporary, time the use of Quick Carbo carefully. Regular maintenance with the Q Pretox will help maintain low toxin levels.


    • If you are having a lab test, synthetic urine is your only option for a 100% guaranteed pass result. Detox products are designed for ‘stick tests’, but lab tests are very accurate at picking up toxins and use of detox products, both of which classify as a fail. Make sure you know which type of test you are having.
    • Avoid ALL toxins for at least 48 before the test. There will be less toxin metabolites circulating through your system.
    • No exercise the day before the test. Exercise burns fat cells, releasing toxin metabolites into the bloodstream and kidneys for excretion. These metabolites cause a positive result, so you want to kick back and be lazy.
    • Eat a small meal containing high glycemic index foods (e.g. white bread, potatoes, cornflakes, white rice, pretzels) a few hours before the test. High glycemic foods cause an insulin spike which suppresses fat metabolism and lowers the amount of toxin metabolites being released. Do not eat large meals for 12 hours before a test for maximum effectiveness. Avoid spicy foods as these can trigger a release of toxin metabolites.


    We have noticed about a 90% success rate, and the 10% is usually a result of people not following the directions correctly or because they have chosen the incorrect product for their needs i.e. had their test submitted to a lab, which has picked up the use of a detox product. For this reason we do not offer a refund for failed tests. The manufacturer advertises a ‘100% money back guarantee’ on the packaging, but this offer is from the manufacturer, not the retailer. To claim the rebate, you will need to keep the receipt, the barcode from the box, a copy of your test results, and email intlrefund@herbalclean.com for information on international rebates. If you experience any difficulty with your refund, let us know and we will help resolve the issue.

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