Ebony Directions Colour

Colour Ebony

Product Details

  • The Basics

    With a huge range of 34 colours, Direction Hair Dye is for the bold, the wild at heart and caters for those looking to experiment with a more individual style and colour of hair. The on-trend, vibrant colours are non-damaging, easy to use and gives outstanding results that leaves you with hair others will talk about.

    All dyes come in a 88ml tub with a screw-top lid for longer storage time once opened. Being a semi-permanent dye, the colours last around 4 weeks. To help preserve the colour, loyal customers recommend using good quality shampoo and conditioner as well as washing with cooler water.

    For colouring a full head of shoulder length hair, usually ¾ of a tub is sufficient and the last ¼ is perfect for touching up roots when needed.

    There are unlimited possibilities with Directions Hair Colour. You can even mix colours to create a truly original colour of your own.

  • Precautions

    Always patch test on skin to test for any allergic reaction.  A strand test is strongly recommended before commiting to a full head colour.

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